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Intro to Kritik - A video for your students

Most students need guidance to be set for success. Please share this video with them at the beginning of the term so they know what to expect from Kritik:

Short version


Long version with Kritik application display


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Access the Student’s Guide

Intro to Kritik - A presentation for the first week

If you wish to introduce Kritik in a presentation format, please use this PowerPoint or PDF presentation to supplement your introduction to the Kritik platform. Once you download the ppt presentation, you are able to edit the slides to your preferences.

Kritik Student Intro - EN.pptx

Kritik Student Intro - EN.pdf

Kritik Student Intro - FRENCH.pptx

Kritik Student Intro - FRENCH.pdf

Guiding Student Success - A video for educators

Kritik is a tool that facilitates learning and educators play a big role in achieving this goal. Watch this video to learn how to be the mentor and coach your students need:


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Access the Instructor’s Guide

Intro to Kritik - A video for institutions


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