The instructor's guide to late submissions

Written by Philip Tran

Updated over a week ago


1. Grace Period & Late Submission

Grace Period

You have the option to set a grace period for your students during the create stage of an activity. During the grace period, students can submit a late creation directly in Kritik and be assigned evaluators to participate in the next stages of a Kritik activity.


During the grace period, evaluations are not yet assigned and will only be assigned after the grace period concludes. The grace period acts as an extension of the creation stage without showing the extension's date to the students, so students still have to submit their creation by the due date. After that, there will be a grace period, and anything submitted during this time period is labeled as “late” for both the student who submitted late and in the instructor's view.

As mentioned, evaluations are then assigned after the grace period is over. Students who evaluate can’t differentiate which peer evaluation is a late submission, so any late penalty will have to be applied by the instructor directly.

Late Submission

<aside> ❗ Note: This setting only applies to future activities and stages that have not passed the deadline in active activities. If you change the course settings to allow for late submissions during an active assignment, it will not apply to the stages that have already passed the deadline. For example, if you have enabled late submissions while an activity has already passed the Create stage, students will still be unable to submit late Creations for that activity.


You can find the settings for allowing late submission in the Course page on the side of your screen.


From there, you can select Edit Details and at the bottom, you will see options for enabling Late Submissions. If you press Allow Late Submissions, you will also need to select whether they are auto approved or need to be looked by you first.


2. How to Set a Grace Period in an Activity

To set a grace period for an activity, after you have created the activity:

Navigate to Schedule Activity and you will see the option to set a Submission grace period under the create stage.When you check the Submission grace period box, a dropdown list will appear that allows you to set the grace period for 2 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, or a custom amount after the due date.